Personal Injury Attorney | Teach Kids Dog Safety

Personal Injury Attorney | Teach Kids Dog Safety

Personal Injury Attorney | Teach Your Kids How to Approach Dogs so They Don’t Get Bit

Dogs may be known as man’s best friend but not all pooches know how to cope with kids. If your child approaches a dog in a way that seems threatening, what might have been a harmless encounter could turn into a serious injury. Personal injury attorneys will be there for you if your child does get bitten by an aggressive dog, but as a parent you want to keep your child out of harm’s way in the first place.

That’s why it makes sense to teach your kids the do’s and don’ts of approaching dogs. No matter how many pets you have at home, approaching dogs on the street or in the park is different than dealing with animals that know your kids. Make sure that your kids understand these five steps for approaching unfamiliar dogs.

1. Approach Calmly

Kids should walk slowly and be quiet when approaching a strange dog and its owner. Some dogs are startled by quick motions or loud noises, and others take these to be signs of aggression. Being calm sets the right tone for the animal encounter.

2. Ask Permission

Your child should never, ever touch a strange dog without permission from the owner. Make sure that your child understands how to ask politely to pet a dog. You should also teach your child to say thank you and walk away if a dog’s owner says no. Owners know their dogs best.

3. Try a Test Sniff

Once the dog’s owner gives the okay, have your child hold a loose fist out to the dog. If the dog sniffs your child’s hand or licks your child, it’s okay to go ahead with petting. If the dog cowers or turns away, teach your child to leave it alone.

4. Pet in the Right Places

Encourage your children to pet dogs on their backs or the backs of their necks. Your family pooch may love a face scratch or belly rub, but these can be sensitive areas for many dogs.

5. Be Gentle

Show your child how to pet dogs gently. Don’t allow your kids to tug on, hit or otherwise pester your own dogs or those of strangers.

It’s essential to stay close while your child meets a new dog. Calmly remove your kid from the area if the dog becomes agitated or shy. It’s also a good idea to end the interaction if your child becomes overly excited. Of course, If these dog-safe strategies fail, personal injury attorneys can help your family recover just compensation for any injuries.

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