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Accident Attorney in Charleston, South Carolina

Each year in the State of South Carolina thousands of people are injured or killed in various types of accidents. If you or someone you love was hurt in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or another type of accident in Charleston, South Carolina, the Clekis Law Firm may be able to help you with your claim. Victims and families may be entitled to seek damages for their medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In some instances, accidents could have been prevented had companies or individuals taken proper precautions. For example, when drivers break the law, drive drunk, or text and drive, they can put others on the road in danger. When property owners, stores, and malls fail to maintain their premises and keep floors clean, individuals can suffer slip and falls and other injuries. Doctors also have a responsibility to provide their patients with a standard of care. However, sometimes doctors make serious mistakes that can lead to injury or death.

If you have been hurt due to another person or party’s actions, contact the accident lawyers at the Clekis Law Firm in Charleston, South Carolina today. Our accident lawyers can review the details of your case, help you understand the next steps, and fight for your rights and recovery. The Clekis Law Firm is well versed in every phase of litigation and will be with you every step of the way.

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Accident Attorney | Things to do After Being Injured in an Auto Accident in Charleston, South Carolina

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, there are several things you can do to protect your rights. Call 911 and report the accident to police, seek medical attention for your injuries, and report the accident to your insurance company. An accident lawyer in Charleston, South Carolina may also be able to help you. The Clekis Law Firm is a Charleston, South Carolina accident law firm that can review your case, negotiate with insurance adjusters, estimate the value of your damages, and fight to help you seek the recovery you may deserve under the law.

How an Accident Lawyer Charleston, South Carolina May Be Able to Help You

First of all, the personal injury lawyers at the Clekis Law Firm provide individuals access to an accident attorney with expertise in this area of the law. A personal injury lawyer can level the playing field against unscrupulous insurance companies who refuse to pay damages. Sometimes insurance companies may not deny a claim, but may use formulas to estimate the value of your claim. These estimates may not always be accurate because they might be based on averages and not on the actual data and facts of your accident. The accident lawyers at the Clekis Law Firm can review your damages, review your bills, and provide adjusters with the evidence they need to get you the settlement you may deserve under the law. As a result, if you are suffering from an injury caused by an automobile accident, there are specific steps that you can take to ensure the best legal outcome possible.

Let Our Accident Attorney Handle the Insurance Claim

Our accident attorneys dedicate their time to assisting individuals who require compensation to pay for medical expenses and other costs associated with their injuries. Our personal injury lawyers are essential during this process, because they assist you during the critical period right after a car accident. There are a series of steps that should be followed immediately after an accident, yet many people are unaware of the things that they are expected to do.

Most of all insurance companies do not make it easy for individuals involved in an auto collision to file a claim. In addition to filing a claim, obtaining police and medical reports may be essential for getting compensation from insurance companies. Getting the correct documentation is an essential part of this process. Furthermore, many people experience a state of shock after a serious collision and as a result, gathering this information is often overlooked by the accident victim. Insurance adjusters are also experienced in handling settlements and while they are required by law to honor their policy with you, they also may use their ability to save the insurance company as much money as possible, by trying to provide you with the lowest possible settlement. Having an accident lawyer on your side in Charleston, South Carolina to help you understand the value of your claim, to help you provide documentation required, and to fight for the best possible settlement can make a difference in the outcome of your case.

Talk With Your Accident Attorney ASAP

Talk to our accident attorney as soon as possible after the collision. We can help you keep your priorities straight during this critical period of time. Since insurance companies often attempt to dictate what kind of treatments you can receive and whether you can obtain repairs for your vehicle, there is a high chance that they will overstep their authority without the protection of a qualified Charleston South Carolina accident attorney.

After an accident, your accident attorney will ensure that you follow all of the correct procedures. Therefore, we recommend you obtain photographic documentation, police reports, witness statements, personal information of everyone involved and their insurance company information. Since, fighting a powerful insurance company is the last thing anyone wants to do right after an accident, the Clekis Law firm makes the process as easy as possible.

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Experienced Charleston Accident Attorney

Our Charleston accident attorney is an experienced and qualified advocate for car accident victims. Understanding your rights can assist you when dealing with a difficult claims representative. Our priority is protecting your rights, and our accident attorney will do everything possible to ensure that you receive compensation for your injuries. Contact the law offices of The Clekis Law Firm as soon as possible after any car accident for the best results.

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