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At The Clekis Law Firm, we understand that suffering a personal injury or losing a loved one due to the negligence of another can be devastating and causes significant hardship and stress. It is of vital importance to obtain the best legal advice possible. Don’t settle for less than you deserve; consult with a experienced Charleston personal injury law firm as soon as possible. We look forward to helping you in any way we can.

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Each of our personal injury lawyers at The Clekis Law firm operate on a contingency fee basis meaning you will not be charged for our services unless a winning verdict or settlement has been made and you recover.

Depending on what caused the personal injuries, the victim may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, property damages, lost wages, lost opportunities, and more.

No. Often time’s claims will be settled without filing a lawsuit. By speaking with a lawyer you can determine your legal rights and discover whether a lawsuit is needed.

When determining whether you have a personal injury claim, it is highly advised that you seek an experienced lawyer to help determine your legal options. In any case, the victim will need to prove injuries were caused by another person’s negligent or careless actions.

Each case is different.  There is no specific time that it will take to resolve your personal injury claim.  The legal process may take as little as a few months in some cases to several months in other cases.

Since negligence is the failure of a person to use reasonable care, resulting in an injury and damages, this will directly affect whether you have a personal injury claim or not.  Negligence is when a person or entity has failed to act in an ordinary and responsible manner.

No. It is imperative not to sign any documents you do not understand or are comfortable signing. In many cases, insurance companies will attempt to settle claims as quickly as possible as they have their best interests in mind, typically meaning you will receive inadequate compensation for your losses and damages.

An insurance claim can be a complicated process, and it can be full of unpleasant surprises and frustrating delays. Don’t forget, the insurer only makes money if it doesn’t have to pay out money. Even with the most established companies, there is almost always going to be some resistance to paying your claim.

Making a claim with the aid of an experienced attorney can be easy.  We wouldn’t attempt it without legal counsel.

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