Personal Injury Attorney | Can I Handle My Case Alone?

Personal Injury Attorney | What if I have already taken steps independently for my case?

Most people have, perhaps, envisioned themselves as a disheveled Clarence Darrow railing against a witness in the furtherance of some great cause, but the fact is that many people have neither the training nor the resources to handle a personal injury case. That being said, there are some instances where you can represent yourself in handling a claim.

These involve minor injuries, such as soft-tissue damage from a dog bite or a set of abrasions from falling off a faulty step. Usually, these cases are cut-and-dried, with fault never being in doubt. In most instances, you’ll be settling these cases with the insurance company after submitting a notarized assessment of damages.

If you were to attempt self-representation in more complicated matters, such as medical malpractice or cases involving serious or catastrophic injuries, then you must remember that:

•There might be substantial upfront costs.
•The process might require you to complete tasks for which you have no training.
•Anything you do, including fouling up the process, will have legal bearing on all future outcomes regarding the case.

If you’ve fouled up the process, even hiring a personal injury attorney to fix it might not be enough. If what you’ve attempted has gone wrongly enough, then your entire case might even wind up being unwinnable. In some cases, you may even be breaking the law by attempting to handle situations that require particular certifications and qualifications. Class actions and cases involving the government have rigid strictures in place even though individuals are allowed to represent themselves. Not following the guidelines could land you in hotter water than simply not winning your case.

Even if you plan to represent yourself, it would be both wise and prudent to seek advice from a personal injury attorney before proceeding. Contact us at Clekis Law to set up a free initial consultation.

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