Personal Injury Attorney | Transportation Tips to Avoid Drunk Driving

Personal Injury Attorney | Whether your 2014 was a good or a bad year, you’ll most likely want to send it off with a bang this New Year’s Eve. While it’s no secret that many will enjoy a few drinks and party well before and after the big countdown to 2015, there’s no point in starting off the new year with regrets. To help avoid that, here some safe transportation tips for your night!


Don’t drink and drive. Unless you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve party, you’ll most likely be heading to a friend’s place or a bar to celebrate the end of the year. If you find yourself at a friend’s house, don’t be afraid to ask to spend the night. A rough night’s sleep on a sofa is far better than a DUI, or worse, an accident.

If sleeping away from home isn’t an option, you’ll have to plan ahead and assign a designated, sober driver. Write down the number of your local cab company and keep that information on you all night. Alternatively, services such such as Uber and Lyft can be a little expensive on holidays, but well worth it to get you and your loved ones home safely.

There’s no excuse for drinking and getting behind the wheel, so make sure you’ve got a plan in place before you clink your first glass.

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