Personal Injury Attorney | A Victim’s Participation

Personal Injury Attorney | Will a Personal Injury Victim Need to Participate in a Case?
Although accident and injury claims may take various forms, the stages of a personal injury case will typically remain constant. The rules and regulations pertaining to personal injury law are extremely confusing, which is why it is always best to hire an experienced personal injury attorney. After being told what happened, a personal injury attorney will decide if the potential client has a case; if so, the lawyer will go over the next steps pertaining to the personal injury claim.

Going to Trial

Although far more claims are settled without going to trial, this is not always the case. If a personal injury trial is necessary, a judge or jury will hear all of the evidence and decide if the defendant needs to be held accountable for the injuries and harm that was alleged by the victim (plaintiff). Even though there is no rule stating that a personal injury victim has to testify at their trial, the plaintiff’s testimony could be extremely beneficial to the case.

Personal injury attorneys will call on the plaintiff to explain to a judge or jury what actually happened. Since the negligence of the defendant is being contested, it is up to the plaintiff and her personal injury attorney to convince the judge or jury that the defendant is in fact guilty of being negligent.

In addition to a personal injury victim testifying, his attorney will introduce documentary evidence to help substantiate the plaintiff’s case. Some of that evidence includes:

• Medical reports
• Medical bills
• Witness testimony

Even though witnesses may be called for both sides, only the personal injury victim can truly give a testimony pertaining to the losses that she has suffered. This includes non-economic damages. It is important for the jury to hear – in the victim’s own words – how the personal injury has truly affected her life. Some examples of non-economic damages are:

• Emotional distress
• Pain
• Humiliation
• Suffering

It is true that a personal injury trial is almost impossible to win without the testimony of a personal injury victim. As powerful and convincing as legal arguments, expert testimony, and documentary evidence are, nothing is as powerful as the first-hand account of the devastating consequences that the plaintiff has had to experience due to the defendant’s negligence.

Great Representation is a Must

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