Charleston bicycle rider is killed while going across a bridge

Cyclists put themselves in danger every time they ride to a destination on busy American roadways. Some incidents involving motor vehicles are severe enough that the bicycle rider has no chance of survival.

Local news reported that the Charleston County coroner identified a bicyclist who was fatally injured at the Cosgrove Bridge.

Cyclist is killed by a van driving through the fast lanes

The accident happened at about 5 am on a Wednesday morning on the northbound lanes of the bridge on Cosgrove Ave. A Chrysler Town and Country Van was in the far left lanes going an unknown rate of speed when the bicyclist was struck.

The area remained totally closed down to all traffic for quite some time afterward until the bridge was reopened to vehicle traffic at about 7:30 am. Medical personnel at MUSC examined the victim, and the Charleston County Coroner reported that he died from blunt force trauma sustained during the crash.

Although police and investigators remained on the scene for several hours for collecting and preserving evidence, there were no criminal charges filed against the van driver or traffic citations issued. There is still a formal investigation pending.

The victim was identified as a 59 year old male who lived locally in Charleston.

Accidents that harm cyclists and pedestrians

While drivers in every American city are technically supposed to share the road with pedestrians and cyclists, in practice this does not always happen and a number of injuries occur each year. If someone is struck by a car while on foot or riding a bicycle, there is a high chance that they will be seriously hurt or killed. Regardless of the severity of the injuries, it is possible to speak with an injury lawyer and discuss the possibility of a civil lawsuit. If the victim has been killed, a surviving family member can bring the case on their behalf in a wrongful death action.

What will the civil case be worth?

Determining the value of a civil lawsuit is one of the most involved and time consuming aspects of your lawyer’s job. They will have to collect all information related to the accident such as reports from law enforcement, testimony in depositions, documentation related to medical problems and vehicle damage, and come up with a figure that will compensate the victim from all of their losses that can be traced to the initial crash. In addition to these economic damages, there may be non-economic damages available in cases where the victim experiences continual emotional pain and suffering as well as psychological trauma. It may also be possible for the plaintiff’s lawyer to negotiate a settlement agreement with the defense, so that the victim can be compensated a fair amount without a trial.

Talk with an accident attorney who serves the city of Charleston

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