Personal Injury Attorney | Drive Defensively with Big Rigs

Personal Injury Attorney | Drive Defensively with Big Rigs

Personal Injury Attorney . Whether they call them 18 wheelers or semi trucks, thousands of Floridians drive alongside big rigs every day. Doing so might seem like business as usual, but those who’ve been involved in accidents with big rigs know that they’re no joke. Semi-on-vehicle crashes are often serious and lead to a string of interactions with medical personnel, police and personal injury attorneys. Stay safe by keeping these four semi truck safety tips in mind.

Stay Clear of the No Zone Thanks to how they’re built, big rigs have serious blind spots. It’s a good idea to avoid driving directly along the right side of a truck for very long, and you should be sure to allow plenty of following distance too. If you can’t see the truck’s side mirrors, the truck driver can’t see you. Remember that you should only pass a truck to the left too.

Never Cut Off a Big Rig Road rage has led all too many individuals to the office of a personal injury attorney. It’s always a good idea to be calm and patient on the road, but it’s especially true when you’re driving around big rigs. Remember that semi trucks take longer than passenger vehicles to come to a stop. Avoid cutting off a big rig as the driver may not be able to stop the truck before crashing into your car.

Be Especially Mindful of Trucks in Bad Weather If you’re driving near big rigs in inclement weather, exercise caution so that you can avoid a trip to see a personal injury attorney. Allow extra following room and be conscientious of winds. Due to their height, big rigs are more likely to be moved or blown over by wind than low-profile vehicles.

Allow Trucks Plenty of Turning Space Trucks are long and wide, which means that they take up a lot of space when they turn. Allow plenty of cushion and let big rigs complete turns before you go about your business. It might take a few extra seconds of your time, but it can save you endless hours of consultation with a personal injury attorney later.