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If someone you love was killed in an accident, killed in a workplace injury, or died due to the negligence or neglect of another person or party, you and your family might be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit. A wrongful death claim may be able to compensate your family for losses resulting from your loved one’s death. This can include paying medical expenses for care your loved one received before passing away, paying for lost wages due to your family’s losing its primary breadwinner, and covering lost companionship and funeral expenses.

Losing a family member can take an immense toll on your family. You might have to plan an unexpected funeral. If your loved one was your children’s primary caretaker, or your family’s primary breadwinner, you might find yourself facing added childcare costs, or struggling to pay the bills. You might be entitled to seek damages if your loved one passed away in a car accident, workplace accident, or other injury stemming from another person or party’s negligence or neglect. You may only have a limited amount of time to make a claim. Contact the Clekis Law Firm, a wrongful death law firm in Charleston, South Carolina today to learn more.

What Is A Wrongful Death Claim?

A wrongful death case involves a family member who was killed because of the negligence of someone else. For example, if a parent has a child who is killed in an automobile accident because of the negligence of another driver, that parent may be able to bring a wrongful death action or lawsuit against that third party. Another example is where a person loses their spouse in a car crash. The spouse may be able to bring a wrongful death claim against the person driving the other vehicle if the other driver was at fault for the crash resulting in the spouse’s death.

If you are in a position of needing to engage a Charleston SC wrongful death attorney to represent you in a claim, call the Clekis Law Firm for help. What should you ask about when you call? The Clekis Law Firm can guide you in taking the next steps with your claim. During your initial consultation, our lawyers will often want to look at police reports or accident reports, medical bills from care your loved one received prior to his or her death, and pay stubs from your loved one’s most recent job. The compassionate and caring wrongful death lawyers in Charleston SC at the Clekis Law Firm may be able to help you in seeking compensation for your family’s losses.

Ask Our Charleston SC Wrongful Death Attorney About the Statute of Limitations

The laws in all states establish a timeframe in which a wrongful death lawsuit must be brought forth. This is called the statute of limitations. If a lawsuit in a wrongful death case is not filed by that deadline, you likely will be forever precluded from obtaining compensation for the wrongful death of a family member. It is important that you act swiftly after a loved one passes away. Contact the Clekis Law Firm, a wrongful death law firm in Charleston, South Carolina today to learn more.

During the initial consultation with our wrongful death attorney, it is crucial that you discuss the statute of limitations and the date the accident occurred to ensure that all deadlines associated with the case are met. The Clekis Law Firm may also need some time to put together a case and organize the evidence, so it is important that you not wait until the last minute. Under South Carolina law, families have three years from the date of a person’s death to file a wrongful death claim, but these laws may differ for medical malpractice claims. Contact the Charleston wrongful death attorneys at the Clekis Law Firm today to learn more about your options and rights under the law.

The Value of Our Wrongful Death Attorney

Typically, our wrongful death attorneys do not charge a fee unless they obtain a settlement or judgment in favor of your case. One area of discussion you need to have with our wrongful death attorney is about attorney fees. You should also ask our wrongful death attorney about what costs you will be responsible for paying. The Clekis Law Firm is a wrongful death law firm in Charleston SC that offers free initial consultations during which we can discuss these matters. We understand that this might be a devastating time for you and your family. You don’t have to be alone in the aftermath of a deadly accident that took your loved one.

TimeLine for a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

It is important that you have realistic expectations about the lawsuit process. Ask specific questions of our wrongful death attorney regarding the timeline and intricacies of your wrongful death lawsuit. We are open and honest with our clients. Don’t be afraid to ask about anything you don’t understand. When selecting the right wrongful death attorney in Charleston to handle your case, you want to work with a lawyer who can explain the details of your case to you in plain English. Let your attorney leave the legal terms to the courtroom. Families need to understand clearly what the next steps are, what they need to do to protect themselves, and what they can expect their wrongful death attorney to do. The Clekis Law Firm is a wrongful death law firm in Charleston, South Carolina that may be able to help you.

FREE Initial Consultation with Our Wrongful Death Attorneys

Our Charleston SC wrongful death lawyers from the firm stand ready to schedule an initial consultation with you to discuss your case. There is no charge for an initial consultation about a wrongful death claim. Contact the Clekis Law Firm, a wrongful death law firm in Charleston, South Carolina at 843-900-0000 for your free consultation today.

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