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Each year in the state of South Carolina, thousands of people are injured or killed in various types of auto accidents, from car crashes to SUV rollovers. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the cost of motor vehicle crash deaths in South Carolina topped $1 billion in a single year alone. These figures don’t even begin to account for the people who are injured in motor vehicle accidents who survive with serious and life-altering injuries. If you or someone you love was seriously hurt in a car accident in Charleston, South Carolina, the Clekis Law Firm is a Charleston car accident law firm that may be able to help you seek a recovery for your losses. Even minor car accident injuries can disrupt a family. Broken bones can leave families with thousands of dollars in medical bills. Fortunately, the law offers provisions for victims and families to help them seek damages for their losses. You and your family may be able to seek damages to cover your medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages from your crash. If another person or party was responsible for your accident, you may be able to seek damages from negligent parties, or their car insurance. The Charleston, South Carolina car accident lawyers at the Clekis Law Firm can review your case, identify negligent parties, and negotiate with insurance adjusters to help you get the settlement you may deserve. But you may only have a limited amount of time to make a claim, so contact our car accident lawyers in Charleston as soon as possible.

Steps You Can Take After a Car Accident in Charleston, South Carolina

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, bike accident, or pedestrian accident in Charleston, South Carolina, there are steps you can take to protect your rights. Always call the police to report the accident. Even if you think injuries were only minor, if injuries appear later (traumatic brain injury and PTSD might not appear right away), having a police report of the accident can be useful should you need to make a claim. Always seek medical attention for your injuries. Remember that some injuries may not always be apparent right after a crash, so monitoring your health and following up with doctors may be important. You’ll also want to contact your auto insurance company to let your adjuster know you’ve been in an accident. Many auto insurance companies require that consumers let them know as soon as possible. If you can, take photos at the scene of the accident, exchange contact information with the other driver, and write down the names of witnesses.

Finally, if you have been injured and have questions about your rights when it comes to seeking damages for your injuries or making an insurance claim, reach out to the  Charleston, South Carolina car accident lawyers at the Clekis Law Firm today. Our car accident lawyers in Charleston are here and ready to review your case. We can provide you an honest assessment of the value of your claim and help you take the next steps to protect your rights.

Even Small Injuries Matter.

Each year auto accidents are the leading cause of personal injury claims. Whether you were the driver or passenger in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or even if you are a pedestrian involved in a traffic accident in South Carolina, you could be entitled to compensation for pain, suffering and injury caused by a traffic accident that was not your fault.

Even if you consider your injuries to be small or insignificant, if you were injured in a motor vehicle accident or multi-car crash, and you were not at fault, you should call 911 first, seek medical attention, and then call the Charleston personal injury lawyers at the Clekis Law Firm.

Once we make sure you have received proper medical attention, we make sure you have a rental car if your car cannot be driven and we will file your property damage claim for free. You and your case are important to us and we will fight to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve in a timely manner. Contact the Clekis Law Firm, car accident lawyers in Charleston, South Carolina today.

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