Some car accidents may not have an obvious explanation, yet they can create serious consequences for drivers and passengers in the vehicles involved. If there are any doubts, it is always helpful to contact a local attorney and ask them for advice regarding your situation and possible remedies that may be available.

A young victim was fortunate to be alive after a serious crash that happened just outside of Charleston in Colleton County, South Carolina. She apparently lost control and struck multiple objects for unknown reasons.

Teen driver survives despite severe damage from a crash

Colleton County’s Fire Rescue Department responded to the area of the 9000 block of Charleston Highway near the Neyles Crossroads. They believe that at approximately 2:20 am, the Nissan sedan left the road and then collided with a power pole. After the wood from the pole shattered into three pieces, the car continued until it struck a tree that was right in front of a house in the area. The driver was briefly trapped inside, but she had freed herself from the vehicle by the time rescue workers arrived.

Emergency crews blocked the road and cleared the area after arriving. The teenage driver was brought to the trauma center at MUSC shortly after rescue workers found her, but she did survive the car crash. Photos of the vehicle showed that the entire frame was warped and all of the windows were smashed. Three out of the four tires on the car had totally separated from the vehicle and ended up on the ground nearby.

The identity of the driver was unknown at the time of the report, but a full investigation is expected.

The process of getting help after a crash

Whenever injuries occur from a motor vehicle accident, there are a number of things that victims should do as soon as possible to try to get help and payments for their injuries. The local fire department or 911 dispatcher should obviously be contacted if it seems that there are injured people, severe property damage, or both. Not only is this important for safety reasons, but it also creates a record of the event and the process to begin an accident investigation. The official report is one of the best forms of evidence for the purposes of insurance claims and lawsuits if necessary.

Lawsuits after single car accidents

In situations where it may not be obvious how anyone can be found at fault for a person’s injuries, there are a few different options. Records related to things like vehicle maintenance or product recalls can be used to determine if there were any mechanical problems or design defects in the vehicle that contributed to the accident. An improperly functioning vehicle can implicate a broad area of the civil law related to products liability cases.

Hazards from construction crews and improperly maintained road surfaces can also be relevant.

The purpose of civil accident cases

As a general rule, civil cases will attempt to make the business or person responsible pay for any losses that are directly tied to their actions or mistakes. In car accidents, this means that the driver at fault usually ends up paying for the plaintiff’s medical costs, lost wages, and other financial burdens that are tied to the collision. These cases can be filed by a victim even if the entity responsible is charged criminally as well for reckless or intentional behaviors that caused injuries. Both cases will proceed separately through the criminal and civil court systems, as the government decides to file the criminal case while only accident victims can choose to file lawsuits in civil court.

The attorney assigned to the victim’s case will start to gather information during their initial meeting to determine the chances of success and possible value of the case. They can then conduct a more focused investigation related to the specifics of what caused the accident and any resulting injuries. All of this information must be shared between the lawyers for both sides during the discovery process, so that they can be adequately prepared for a trial or the possibility of a settlement agreement. Witnesses may also be deposed in an office if they have crucial information about the incident that is important for deciding fault and causation.

Many personal injury and accident cases will end in a settlement agreement after some kind of negotiations. This is done to save time and money on legal fees and court appearances. Victims will still receive a fair amount based on their injuries through most settlements as well.

Learn more about personal injury lawsuits

Lawyers who focus their practice on accidents and motor vehicle collisions are available to help in the Charleston area. The Clekis Law Firm can assist with a lawsuit and other measures against the person or business responsible for your injuries after a free initial consultation.


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