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What is Hospital Malpractice? Hospital malpractice occurs when a hospital staff member or employee fails to meet the medical community’s recognized standard of care.

A hospital worker is responsible, does my case still qualify for hospital malpractice?

If you believe that you or a loved one have possibly been injured as result of hospital negligence or if a loved one was killed as a result of hospital negligence you should contact a hospital malpractice lawyer immediately. Even if a doctor, nurse or other hospital employee is responsible for deviating from the standard of care due to each patient, the hospital may be deemed responsible for the actions or omissions of their employees. This type of liability is called vicarious liability.

Many cases of direct hospital malpractice involve nurses employed by the hospital who fail to follow standard nursing protocol or follow a doctor’s specific orders regarding the patient’s care. Other examples may include:

  • nurses failing to recognize fall risks
  • over medication or prescription errors
  • sexual or physical abuse
  • failing to respond to distress or code calls
  • improper training, supervision and security
  • Surgical errors
  • Retained sponge or object
  • improper care that leads to bedsores or serious infection

Hospital malpractice may also involve poor staffing, faulty equipment, and substandard administrative rules/regulations.

When should I contact a lawyer about possible hospital malpractice?

Immediately. The state of South Carolina has a 3 year statute of limitations from the date of service to file a hospital practice case so time is of the essence. Hospital malpractice cases often require significant pre-suit work before the attorney can begin to pursue a hospital malpractice case.

The pre-suit process begins with obtaining all necessary medical records and having them reviewed by both an expert hospitalist doctor(s) and/or emergency room doctor(s) as well as a nursing expert. Pre-suit investigation is very time-consuming and its important for you to provide a lawyer with as much opportunity to get the case prepared for service the notice of intent to initiate litigation.

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