Personal Injury Lawyer | The Discover Process

Personal Injury Lawyer | The discovery process begins once a complaint is filed, the other party is served, and all answers, counterclaims, and responses have been filed. Each party may be required to answer interrogatories, which are a list of printed questions provided by the other side. Depositions may also be taken during the discovery process. Depositions are part of the pre-trial discovery process involved in litigation.

Each side to a lawsuit is allowed to depose the other party and witnesses before going to trial.  Each side’s attorney will ask a series of questions under oath to the person being deposed and each answer will be recorded by an official court reporter.  Testimony given at deposition is important for counsel.  Depositions allow attorneys to ensure that there will be no surprises in court.

At a deposition an attorney is allowed to gather information about the testimony that will be given in court by asking the same or similar questions that will be asked at the time of trial.  The process allows for the attorney to gather evidence and to have testimony on record that can be used to impeach a witness if the answer given during the deposition does not match up to the answer given at trial.

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