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Personal Injury Attorney | Use these three safety tips to have a fun and enjoyable celebration!

Safety in Numbers

Everything is better with friends anyway, so make sure you don’t find yourself alone on New Year’s Eve. A good portion of the population will be drinking, and therefore the streets will get more dangerous. Traveling in a group will help ensure that nothing bad happens to you or those you care about. In addition, always know where it is you’re going. Use a map application on your smartphone or plan your night ahead of time to ensure that you’re spending the least amount of time possible walking or driving outside. Above all, go with your gut. If a street or bar feels unsafe, leave.


It’s the end of another year. That calls for a nice dinner with friends. Even if you just sit around eating a PB&J before getting dressed for your night on the town, having a full stomach before drinking is always smart idea. Not only will it soak up some of the alcohol, it will also keep you from snacking on candy or appetizers at a bar or party.


We’re all adults here. If you’re going to drink, New Year’s Eve is a pretty fun time to do it. That said, it’s no excuse to hurt yourself or others. Know your limits and stick to them. Drinking a glass of water in between mixed drinks is always a great way to ensure that you don’t get too dehydrated or intoxicated.

If you or one of your friends overdrinks and begins to vomit or pass out, don’t hesitate to call it an early night on their behalf. Be on the lookout for the symptoms of alcohol poisoning and call 9-1-1 or Poison Control — (800) 222-1222 — if you think someone is in real danger. It’s better to kill the party than to let alcohol kill a friend.

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