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Personal Injury Lawyer | As kids are heading back to school, many of them are behind the wheel for the first time.

For parents, that can be unnerving with all of the distractions teen drivers have in front of them. However, there are some free and low-cost apps that can help parents monitor their child’s driving behavior and whereabouts.
Debbie Spoto uses MamaBear , a phone app that allows parents to track their child’s social media habits and whereabouts as well as whether they are speeding.
“It will show if she’s speeding because I can set a speed limit,” Spoto said.
Her daughter, Mikenna Spoto, a junior at Alonso High School, said the app makes her drive differently.
“I definitely don’t speed as much as I would,” Mikenna said.
But she admits the lack of privacy is somewhat strange.
“It’s just kind of weird knowing that my mom knows where I am,” Mikenna said.
Debbie said apps like MamaBear help reassure her that her daughter is safe.
“It allows me to see where she is, and if I don’t think it’s somewhere she needs to be, I’ll ask her, ‘Where are you?'” Spoto said.
Another similar phone app is Live2Txt, which is an Android app available for purchase for under $3. Live2Txt disables texting and notifications behind the wheel.
Canary , an app available for both iOS and Android, tracks a driver’s speed but also whether they are texting, talking or using their phone at all while driving. Parents also get instant email alerts to their phones when a driver breaks any of the app’s driving standards.
Some teen drivers told ABC Action News the apps would make them think twice before using their phone behind the wheel.
“It’s definitely scary because, like, if I was to ever do that, they would be pretty mad at me,” said Emily Pich, a teen driver.
Her friend, Zach Smagowicz, a senior at Alonso High School, agrees.
“Just knowing that they have that kind of parental watch would definitely not scare them straight but make them more uneasy to break the law, text and drive.” Smagowicz said.

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