Personal Injury Lawyer | Road Trip Tips part 2

Personal Injury Lawyer | Road Trip Tips part 2

Personal Injury Lawyer | This is the second part of our blog post earlier today Road Trip Tips part 1.

5 1/2. Consider a satellite radio subscription.
The days of regional radio offering a musical or informational palette that you can’t find anywhere else are almost all but gone, so tapping into the local vibe via radio is far less satisfying than it used to be. Were this not the case, I wouldn’t recommend a satellite radio subscription. But it may be the traffic reports from major cities that tips the balance; if a city like New York or Los Angeles lies in between your car and your destination, you are going to need some timely traffic information to hope to beat the inevitable traffic congestion. SiriusXM features traffic and weather for more than 100 cities. (A good traffic app for your smartphone is another alternative.)

6. Tend to division of labor.
Some people are good at navigating; others couldn’t read a map if they tried. Some people are good at planning meals, while others think a big bag of chips counts as a good dinner. Know who does what well, and what really matters to your traveling companions, and you will get things done efficiently and to the satisfaction of all. Divvy up and delegate jobs by talent and predilection.

7. Join a roadside rescue service.
If you take enough road trips, eventually you will end up stranded on the side of the road outside East Gibbip a few miles from Podunk, equidistant from the four corners of Nowhere. Having that 800-number that immediately ties you in to approved local tow services and mechanics is going to save you a lot of hassle, and also shield you from some of the dangers of the road that none of us wishes to encounter.

8. Supplement your cell phone with a phone card.
On a recent trip that took us to the far reaches of the Olympic Peninsula, we had a plan to connect by cell phone with friends from one of the many small towns dotted along Route 112. A friend who lived along the route said he had an intermittent but functional cell signal, and thought our plan should work fine.

Save for one problem: He had a different cell service than we did. Our service worked great near our home town; his was pretty much the only one that worked well on the Peninsula.

Long story short, the only pay phone in existence on the Peninsula ate $3 of loose change, and I ended up in a small grocery store begging to use the land line. It all worked out, but I really could have left my cell phone home that trip. Had I a reliable and easy-to-use phone card, my problems would have been solved. I know you can use your credit card for many phone calls, but it’s an added step you’ll be happy to avoid if you get in a jam.

9. Have your documents and a clean record.
I don’t know about you, but it sometimes seems like my new insurance card takes days or weeks to get into my glove box. If you are traveling without current documentation of license, registration or insurance, you could be in for a world of hurt if you are pulled over for any reason. Further, you may want to clear up any old traffic and parking tickets before you go; under the right (or perhaps wrong, in this case) circumstances, your car can be impounded for your scofflaw sins.

10. Know when to hold ’em, and when to fold ’em.
Sorry for the hokey country song phrase, but sometimes on the road you need to play the hand you are dealt, for better or worse. This advice might apply to road trip decisions both small and large. On an eight-week, 15,000-mile circle of the border states of the United States in 1991, we were driving up Route 1 near Big Sur with a mind to staying with friends in Santa Cruz. We pulled over to stretch our legs near a restaurant/hotel, fully intending to get back behind the wheel in short order to continue grinding northward. It took only two or three deep breaths for us to decide we were going no further that day. It ended up being one of the best long afternoons of the trip.

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