Personal Injury Lawyer | Top 5 Bike Accident Questions

Personal Injury Lawyer | Top 5 Bike Accident Questions

Personal Injury Lawyer . It’s more exercise. It’s less pollution. It’s more fun. It’s less traffic. Whatever reason you have to be on your bike, you’re in good and growing company: the number of people working out and getting to work on bicycles grows every year. Unfortunately, with more cyclists come more cycling accidents.

Bike injury lawsuits can be tricky, especially when you’re trying to prove what happened and who’s at fault. Here are a few of the bigger questions, and some answers, regarding bicycle and personal injury lawsuits, from our archives:

1. When Cyclists Get ‘Doored’ by a Car, Who’s Liable?

As anyone who’s ridden a bike consistently in a city can tell you, the fear that a parked motorist won’t check their mirror before opening their door right in front of you is real. And most have a story or two about getting “doored.” So whose fault is it — the biker for not being able to stop in time, or the driver who blindly opened his car door?

2. Can I Sue for a Recumbent Bike Accident?

Recumbent bikes can present their own accident issues. With a lower profile, recumbent bikes are often harder for pedestrians, motorists, and other bicyclists to see. Recumbent cyclists must take extra precaution to avoid collisions, and may have extra concerns when filing a lawsuit.

3. Do Cities Have to Plow Snow on Bike Lanes?

Those biking around in warm weather climes don’t know how good they’ve got it. Biking in slow and slush — especially if the lanes haven’t been plowed — isn’t just inconvenient, it can be extremely dangerous. So are snowbound cities legally liable for plowing bike lanes along with automobile lanes?

4. Bike Accidents on the Rise in SF: Your City Next?

If you’re on your bike regularly, or plan to be, doing your research is key. Finding out about bike accidents in your city, including the best routes to take and the worst intersections to avoid, is essential to keeping yourself safe.

5. If a Bicyclist Damages Your Car, Will His Insurance Pay?

Cyclists aren’t always on the receiving ends of injuries. Active bicyclists should not only know their rights, but their responsibilities as well. Every now and then a collision is the cyclist’s fault, and if so, she’ll be on the hook for any damage.

Motorists and cyclists should do their best to share the road, but we can’t avoid every accident. And if you’ve been injured in a bike accident, you have legal options. Contact an experienced accident attorney in your area to discuss your case.-findlaw

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