Personal Injury Lawyer | Questions to Ask Your Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer | If you are planning to pursue an injury claim, take the process of selecting the best personal injury attorney you can find seriously. Choosing the wrong attorney can end badly for your health and your finances. Choosing the right one will help improve your chances of recovering everything you are entitled to.

How do you make the right choice? What are the characteristics of a good personal injury lawyer?

To make an informed decision, you need to ask the right questions. The following guidelines will help you find the best personal injury attorney to suit your needs.

Question #1: What areas of the law do you specialize in?

Focus your search on lawyers that don’t spread themselves too thin across many legal fields. Look for a firm that specializes in cases like yours. That way, you’ll get quality counsel from an attorney thoroughly familiar with the laws and processes pertaining to your injury case.

Question #2: How many cases like mine have you handled?

Every licensed attorney may have an adequate level of competence in their respective field(s), but experience is what distinguishes exceptional attorneys. Choose a lawyer with a history of handling similar cases. Usually lawyers will have a case result section on their website so you can get this information easily.

Question #3: Have you taken many cases to trial? What were the results?

Cases can’t always be settled. So it’s important the lawyer you select has trial experience. The right lawyer should be able to cite past trial results.

Question #4: How often will I get updates about my case? Can I contact you directly whenever I have a question or concern?

Close and constant attorney-client communication is essential for a successful claim. Exceptional injury attorneys keep the communication line open during the case.

Question #5: How many cases are you handling at the moment?

An attorney that takes on too many cases often finds themselves behind the ball regularly. Check to see what the attorney’s caseload is like and ask if they have adequate support staff.

Question #6: Who will be working on my case?

Find out who will be working on your case. Well-respected lawyers generally have a dynamic paralegal staff. Ask to meet the staff.

Question #7: What are your fees and how are they calculated?

Make sure you understand your payment responsibilities before you hire a lawyer. Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingent-fee basis, meaning your fee is based on a percentage of the recovery.

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