Personal Injury Lawyer | How Long Will This Take?

Personal Injury Lawyer | After a person has been involved in an auto accident and called in a claim to the insurance company, he or she is likely to wonder when the case will settle. A person can be in a sort of limbo as he or she waits for the settlement to occur.

For example, he or she may have incurred significant medical expenses and be without the funds necessary to pay them. At the same time the injured individual may not have been able to return to work, leaving him or her in a precarious financial position. A lawyer can explain that there are many factors that affect the value of the settlement.

General Timing of Settlements

Many claims that are clear-cut and are solid on the question of liability are settled in a matter of months. This is especially true when the claim involves medical damages that are clearly and objectively established. However, other claims may take years before they settle and may require the threat or commencement of a lawsuit before there is any forward traction in the case. Additionally, some cases do not settle at all.

Nature and Severity of Injuries

One of the most contentious matters involved in a car accident case is the level of damages requested in the claim. If the measure of damages is relatively low, the insurance company may decide to quickly dispose of the case and a person may have the case settled within a matter of a few months. If the insurance company does not believe that the medical bills objectively validate the injury, it may be unwilling to settle the claim without further investigation, which can delay the settlement time. For example, insurance adjusters may be suspicious of claims that are founded on soft tissue injuries and that are supported mainly by chiropractor reports.

Factors Relevant to the Accident

Particular circumstances that are specific to the accident may impact the timing of a potential settlement offer. For example, liability may not be as clear due to the particulars of the accident or the parties involved. One vehicle may have stopped suddenly because of a vehicle swerving in front of it, causing a third party to crash into the back of the stationary vehicle.

A governmental entity may be to blame for a lack of a proper sign or a malfunctioning traffic light. The victim may have contributed to his or her own injuries. When liability is in question, a claims adjuster may initially deny the claim or take more time to thoroughly investigate it.

Another scenario can arise when the car accident case is not very well-documented. The claims adjuster may lack adequate information to settle the case, such as medical reports regarding the injuries the victim suffered, a police report regarding the accident or evidence pertaining to liability.

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