Personal Injury Lawyer | Filing an Insurance Claim

Personal Injury Lawyer | Filing an Insurance Claim

Personal Injury Lawyer | If you are injured in a car accident, a claim will be filed with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.  A minimum amount of car insurance coverage is required in most states.  Also, insurance companies may be required to offer “uninsured driver” coverage in case a person is hit by an uninsured driver.

If a doctor makes a mistake during a procedure, the patient may file a claim through the doctor’s malpractice coverage. Furthermore, if a customer slips and falls in a store, he or she may file a claim with the store owner’s insurance company.

Once the insurance company is notified of a claim, an insurance adjuster will be assigned to the claim.  The claims adjuster will be in charge of negotiating a settlement with the injured.  The claims adjuster will look for proof that their customer (the at-fault driver, business represented, doctor, or etc.) was at-fault, and will examine possible negligence, severity of the injury, and damage caused.  A claims adjuster’s investigation may involve:

  • Speaking to the injured;
  • Speaking to any witnesses;
  • Reviewing any medical bills and reports;
  • Reviewing any police reports;
  • Visiting the scene of the accident or where the incident took place;
  • Taking photos of the scene;
  • Accessing damages to any property; and
  • Evaluating and examining any other evidence.

The claims adjuster will be looking for evidence that the insured was at fault. He or she will also examine anything showing the injuries required medical attention, which resulted in substantial medical costs to treat the injury, out-of-pocket costs related to the accident, inability to work or earn because of the injuries, and continued pain and suffering caused by the injuries sustained from the accident.

After the investigation is over, negotiations will begin.  If a settlement cannot be reached, however, the injured party may wish to file a personal injury lawsuit.

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