Personal Injury Lawyer | Filing a Lawsuit

Personal Injury Lawyer | If an agreeable settlement cannot be reached, a lawsuit may be necessary.  There are substantial expenses that come along with filing a lawsuit, however, which should be considered before filing.  The proposed settlement needs to be weighed against the cost of filing the suit.

Typical expenses involved in a lawsuit include:

  • Additional attorney’s fees – a person may be represented by an attorney before filing a lawsuit. The attorney may have helped to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company.  If a settlement cannot be reached, the attorney may charge additional fees for pursuing a lawsuit.
  • Filing fees – certain documents filed with the court require a filing fee.
  • Serving the parties – the Sheriff will charge a fee to serve the other party.
  • Court reporter fees – a court reporter may be required if depositions are taken and there will be a charge for the deposition transcripts.
  • Expert fees – expert medical testimony may be required.
  • Copying costs – medical records, witness statements, police reports, as well as many other documents could be necessary in your case.
  • Time off work – you may be required to take time off work for depositions or if the case goes to trial.

Arbitration and mediation are also two options that may be explored during a lawsuit in hopes of reaching a settlement before the suit goes to trial.  At any point during the lawsuit before a final judgment is reached, the two parties may settle if they come to an agreement.

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