Workers Comp Lawyer Jame Island | The Truth Regarding Insurance Settlements

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Workers Comp Lawyer Jame Island | The Truth Regarding Insurance Settlements

Workers Comp Lawyer James Island | You’ve been in an accident on the job. A few days after, once you’ve received medical care and have a rehabilitation plan in place, you receive a call from an insurance company talking about a settlement offer for the incident. Before you say anything about the offer, contact a workers comp lawyer in Johns Island to receive professional assistance.

Think About Motivation

Before you get too excited about receiving an offer, stop and think for a second about why the insurance company would be making this offer in the first place. Their goal is not to take care of you, but to protect their bottom line. This offer is being made to avoid the possibility of a larger judgement coming later down the line. By working with a workers compensation lawyer in Johns Island, you can receive advice on how much your case should be worth, and whether or not you should consider settling.

Make a Confident Decision

Sometimes, it will make sense to settle your case, although that usually happens after some negotiation rather than just accepting the first offer. The key here is to have an experienced workers compensation lawyer in Johns Island working on the case and offering you guidance. Trying to make decisions in this case on your own basically comes down to guessing, and you don’t want to risk such a big part of your financial future on a guess.


Being offered a settlement by an insurance company can seem like a weight off your shoulders. You’ll have money on the table just waiting for you to sign on the dotted line. That’s appealing, to be sure, but it probably isn’t a very good offer. Work with Clekis Law Firm on your case to make sure you are fighting for what is rightfully yours. We hope to hear from you soon!