Personal Injury Attorney | Keep These In Your Car

Personal Injury Attorney | Keep These In Your Car

Personal Injury Attorney | Unexpected things happen on the road all the time and people find themselves in situations they hadn’t planned for. Don’t be those people! Make sure you have the essentials if you find yourself in an accident or if you’re headed on a road trip! Having these few items could make an emergency look easy! Be sure you’re prepared!

when accidents happen

These road-kit essentials can help smooth out the post-accident process, whether it’s in sorting out insurance issues or caring for minor injuries:

  • First-aid kit: A comprehensive one will let you quell minor bumps and bruises.
  • Camera: Keep track of all the damages for your insurer by snapping a few photos. If you have a smartphone on you, you’re all set.
  • Pen and paper: If your phone lacks a note-taking function, employ the old-fashioned method to record contact and insurance info at the scene.

when you’re hitting the open road

Here are some items that account for the needs you or your car have on road trips:

  • Tire-pressure gauge: Check your tires’ pressure before heading out to help avoid a flat
  • GPS: If you can spring for it, it makes all the difference on unfamiliar ground
  • CB radio: A CB can keep you connected to civilization where cell service is spotty

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