injured on the job


Injured on the Job | Is Sitting Putting You at Risk?

Have you ever been Injured on the Job? When you think of dangerous jobs, what do you think of first? Certainly, those who work way up high on construction sites face danger, as does anyone working with heavy machinery. But what about someone sitting in an office, working on a computer all day? These jobs face a different kind of danger, so contact an injured on the job lawyer if you feel that you have been hurt from this kind of employment.

A Long-Term Risk

It’s unlikely that you will be injured from a single day of sitting in your office chair for seven or eight hours. However, keeping yourself in a seated position day after day, for years, could result in injury over the long run. An experienced injured on the job lawyer can help you determine if your job is to blame for your current injury issues, and you can make a plan for how to proceed as a result. 

Don’t Ignore Warning Signs

Unlike a traumatic injury suffered in an accident, you will likely notice symptoms of a repetitive stress injury popping up gradually over time. At first, you might think that it is something you can just ignore, but that’s only going to allow the issue to get worse over time. Act as soon as possible to receive a diagnosis and treatment options so this problem doesn’t get any worse than it is already. Of course, it’s also a good idea to talk with an injury on the job lawyer right away, as letting too much time pass can make it more difficult to file a successful claim. 

If you have been injured on the job and would like assistance dealing with your workers compensation case, please contact Clekis Law right away for help. We offer free consultations, so there is nothing stopping you from getting the information you need to decide how you should proceed. We look forward to your call.