Personal Injury Lawyers Are Familiar With The Dangers Of Pools

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Personal injury lawyers in Charleston are all to familiar with the dangers of pool fun. South Carolina is dotted with pools that provide hours of fun, leisure—and danger. As spring turns to summer, be sure the sunny days ahead are not clouded by tragedy.

From Memorial to Labor Day last year, more than 200 young children died in swimming accidents across the United States. The three states that topped the list for accidental death by submersion were Texas, Florida and California.

While there are measures to be taken to avoid accidental death, drowning still occurs. Death by drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for children age one through four, and the second leading cause of death for those age five to 14. If you have a backyard pool, or plan to use a pool owned by others, consider these safety tips:

Watch: Approximately 70 percent of drowning victims are missed for five minutes or less. Drowning occurs quickly. Stay within sight and reach of children who are swimming or using a pool.

Consider: More than 60 percent of drowning victims die in pools owned by their family, while 33 percent die in pools owned by relatives or friends.

Barriers: Most barriers cannot be considered childproof, but provide a means to deter or slow down an unsupervised child.

Contact: Keep a cell phone immediately available while supervising children. A cell phone allows you to call for emergency help and makes it unnecessary to go inside for just a minute.

Drowning is a quiet death. Care and caution can prevent needless injury and death in a backyard pool. Make sure your pool is safe and watch your children when they play with friends in their pools.

If mistakes are made, and a pool accident or drowning does occur, speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Charleston. Contact the personal injury lawyers at The Clekis Law Firm for a free consultation.