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Injured on The Job | Don’t Take an Injury for Granted

Injured on The Job | If you are serious about your employment and your career, you likely do your best to make sure your duties are handled each day. You strive to stand out among your peers, impress your boss, and continue to move up the ladder as the years go by. That’s great – but what happens if you are hurt on the job? If you need an injured on the job lawyer to help with your case, contact Clekis Law Firm today for help.

Protect Your Own Interests

When an accident happens, and you are injured, you might be tempted to minimize the significance of your injuries in order to just keep working and fulfill your duties. That is admirable in some respects, but it is probably not in your best interests over the long run. The better plan is to seek treatment for your injuries and make sure your body is able to heal properly. If you ignore an injury in an effort to keep working, you may wind up making things worse in the end. Instead of continuing to work, report your injury and get in touch with an injured on the job lawyer to discuss a possible workers compensation claim.

Minor Injuries Can Be Tricky

You might not think at first that your injuries even warrant reporting to the company, let alone being checked out by a doctor. However, with some kinds of injuries, the long-term impact is worse than the initial pain. To play it safe and keep your own interests in mind, fill out a report and make sure to have a medical professional assess the situation. Also, get help from an injured on the job lawyer if you feel that pursuing workers compensation is an option.  

To seek the compensation you deserve for an injury suffered on the job, reach out to Clekis Law Firm to request a free consultation. Our team would be proud to stand up for your best interests.