GM started recalling over 2 million vehicles with a major ignition switch defect in February but less than half of the owners have brought their vehicles in to be repaired. If you own a Chevrolet Cobalt or a Saturn ION that has not been repaired loaner vehicles are available at the dealership please do not delay getting the repairs. 24 Wrongful Death claims and 16 serious injury claims from accidents with the deadly ignition switch defect have received compensation. Additional victims and their families continue to come forward as they discover their accident was caused by the defective ignition switch. GM was aware of the defect for over a ten years. Even after they began the recall a loaner program was not publicized and some dealerships actually avoided telling their customers about the program unless they insisted on a loaner or knew about the program. This left consumers who desperately needed their vehicles driving unsafe vehicles since the dealerships did not have the correct parts until several months after the recall began. The Cobalt and ION are economy vehicles this affected those among us who could least afford a rental car. GM’s reputation and consumer trust has been greatly damaged by their failure protect their customers. Unfortunately this failure will continue to hurt not only accident victims and their families but Chevrolet dealerships and their workers. GM has  a web site set up to give consumers information on the recalls.

Here is the website