damage caps

When you are injured in an accident, or suffer any kind of personal injury, you deserve to recover the money you’re entitled to. Unfortunately, in many situations where people suffer a personal injury, some state laws limit the amount of money they can recover. These laws, also known as damage caps, impose monetary limits in various types of personal injury cases. Like many other personal injury restrictions, the details of these laws vary from state to state. Nevertheless, understanding how damage cap laws work is something that can help you understand the personal injury lawsuit process.

Damage Caps

When we talk about damage caps, what we are talking about is limitations on the amount of money you can win. State damage cap laws impose these limits regardless of what the facts of a case is. For example, if you are paralyzed by someone else’s negligence, state damage cap laws can limit how much you would be able to recover regardless of your age, how you make your living, or any other factor. So, an already ill elderly person who is disabled as a result of an injury would be limited to the same amount of damages as a young person raising a family.