Criminal defense lawyer for Jared Fogle Not Commenting On Plea

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Criminal defense lawyer for Jared Fogle, Ron Elberger, did not return phone calls to confirm rumors that fast food folk hero will enter a guilty plea today to possession of child pornography just five weeks after the FBI raided his Indiana home, a local television station reported.

The plea bargain would mark the end of a good ride for Fogle, who enjoyed worldwide notoriety as the face of the “Subway” franchise after dropping 245 pounds on a diet of its sandwiches.

But Fox59 News reported Fogle will admit to possession of child pornography and federal prosecutors in Indianapolis plan a news conference with details about the stunning case.

Subway terminated its 15-year association with Fogle, 37, last month following the damning 11-hour sweep of his property in a tony Indianapolis suburb.

“We no longer have a relationship with Jared and have no further comment,” Subway tweeted Tuesday evening.

The slimmed-down spokesman was left twisting in the legal wind once officials drove off in a mobile forensics van filled with evidence.

During the July raid in Zionsville, Ind., the FBI and Indiana state police seized several computers and DVDs from the home of the married dad.

Investigators arrived with a warrant after the former head of Fogle’s charitable foundation was arrested earlier this year on similar charges.

Russell Taylor had more than 500 vile images of children in his possession when taken into custody, officials said.

Taylor unsuccessfully tried to kill himself while behind bars in May. He remains jailed on eight counts of child pornography.

Shortly after the raid, a one-time Florida TV journalist emerged with allegations of creepy comments made by Fogle about underage girls.

Fogle’s home was raided by federal agents five weeks ago.

“Middle-school girls are hot,” she quoted him as saying several times.

The woman insisted that Fogle made even more repulsive remarks, but she refused to provide details.

Attorney Elberger insisted that his client was looking forward to “the conclusion of the investigation” after the July raid.

Fogle gained national renown after the company learned of his amazing weight loss while a student at Indiana University.

His 60-inch waist shrunk as Fogel subsisted on nothing but turkey and vegetable subs.