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Personal injury lawyers and police officers in Charleston know all too well the dangers of distracted driving. It has become one of the most common causes of auto accidents in South Carolina and across the country, especially now that most people have cell phones and other mobile devices available to them. As a result, law enforcement agencies are attempting to reduce the dangerous practice of texting while driving and other distractions.

To avoid the temptation to text while driving, police officers suggest drivers consider implementing a few rules. First, they should turn off or silence their phones. This may seem like a small step, but by eliminating the distraction presented every time their phones alert them to a new message, individuals can keep their focus on the road. For drivers who have passengers in their vehicles, the police department recommends allowing them to respond to text messages on behalf of the driver.

You can be good friend to others by refusing to text with them when you know they are driving. By not engaging with a texting driver, you not only eliminate their need to respond, but you also send the implicit message that you don’t encourage texting while driving. Positive peer pressure goes a long way and can help make our roads safer for all.

Finally, motorists who are talking to someone before they get in their cars should simply let that person know that they are about to drive. Rarely do people think about what a person is doing on the other end of a text or phone conversation. If someone knows you are driving and cannot text, he or she will likely understand and wait to continue the conversation when you’re no longer behind the wheel.

If you’ve been injured in an accident that was the result of a distracted driver’s irresponsible behavior, you may need to seek compensation. To learn more, speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer at The Clekis Law Firm in Charleston.