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Workers Compensation Attorney James Island | Don’t Be Embarrassed by an On-the-Job Injury

Workers Compensation Attorney James Island | Some people who are hurt at work feel like the injury was their fault and they are embarrassed by what they have done. Try to get out of that mindset, as it can stand in the way of getting you the compensation you fairly deserve. Instead, contact a workers compensation attorney to discuss your options and assess your case. 

An Example

Let’s walk through an example of a theoretical injury and two possible responses. Picture an office worker going about his or her business during the day, coming and going from various rooms while getting things done. At some point, that worker trips over a cord and badly injures an arm in the fall. That injury is going to keep the worker off the job for some time, and medical expenses will be incurred along the way. 

The Right Response

If this individual is embarrassed by the event, he or she may just lay low and stay quiet about the injury, thinking it was silly to trip over a cord. On the other hand, another person may ask why the cord was there in the first place? The company created a dangerous situation, and the worker was simply the victim. A workers compensation attorney James Island is going to take the latter position, standing up for the rights of the worker in the process. By working with your own workers compensation attorney in James Island, you can set embarrassment to the side and pursue your claim properly. 

As you recover from your workplace injury, there is no time for hiding details or information because you are embarrassed. Your claim can have a big impact on your financial future, so be forthright and fight for what you deserve. Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you’ll contact Clekis Law today for a free consultation.