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Personal Injury Lawyer | Daylighting

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Personal Injury Lawyer | Daylighting

Personal Injury Lawyer | These days, the discussion on pedestrian safety in cities can seem like a fight between fanatics. On one hand, the pro-pedestrian crowd largely consists of environmentalists who are motivated by their hatred of cars, and who use safety arguments as an excuse to discourage driving. On the other hand, the pro-automobile crowd believes that driving and parking in cities should be free, despite the costs of maintaining roads; and that streets where residents live should be designed for bypassing commuters. But for people who land between these extremes, pedestrian safety should be a legitimate quality-of-life concern. And to avoid the ideological battle, moderates should encourage safety less through draconian “road diet” measures, than the various small, sensible traffic reforms that have become popular in recent years.

Take, for example, the measure suggested by San Francisco MTA official Ben Jose, who recently wrote on the agency’s website about the merits of “Daylighting.” This is when the last parking space leading to an intersection is removed, to create greater visibility from crosswalks.

“By converting a parking space at the crosswalk to a red painted curb,” wrote Jose, “a child or a senior doesn’t have to tiptoe into the street just to be able to see if vehicles are about to enter the intersection. And at the same time, people driving have a clear view of the intersection and can see if someone is waiting to cross.”

San Francisco has already applied the measure at 80 intersections within the Tenderloin, a notoriously congested neighborhood, as part of an initiative to end traffic deaths by 2024.

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