I Don’t Want To Go To Trial | Personal Injury Attorney

Will a personal injury attorney have options that don’t involve the courtroom?

Being seriously injured because someone else was negligent is a physically and emotionally trying process. For accident victims and their families, the thought of going to court to recover a fair settlement often seems like another source of stress. Victims may even put off contacting a personal injury attorney because they don’t want to go to trial.

Know Your Case Settlement Options

Many individuals who are seriously injured in accidents have seen TV shows that make it seem like all personal injury cases end in heated trials. If you’ve recently been injured, it’s important to know that what you’ve seen on TV isn’t completely true. Statistics show that settling outside the courtroom is generally preferred by all parties. In fact, experts say that up to 95 percent of personal injury cases are settled before courtroom doors are even opened.

If you’re an injury victim, it means that you will likely be able to settle your case before it even goes to trial. This is generally the case if:

  • there is no question about who’s responsible for the accident,
  • there’s no question about what really caused the accident,
  • both parties are able to reach a reasonable settlement and
  • the insurance company is willing to pay a reasonable amount of compensation.

Contrary to what you might have heard, staying out of the courtroom can be a good way to get a fair settlement so long as you work with personal injury attorneys who have experience negotiating with insurance companies. After all, negotiating with experienced insurance representatives is tough for most accident victims. Personal injury attorneys represent their clients in mediation and negotiation settings to ensure that they receive fair offers from insurance companies.

What about cases where a settlement can’t be reached? If you’re unable to reach a reasonable solution, a personal injury attorney can argue your trial before a judge or jury. It might seem intimidating, but having a seasoned advocate at your side no matter what will help you get through your case whether you settle inside or outside the courtroom.

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