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South Carolina Workers’ Comp: Know Your Rights

When people get hurt on the job, what comes next? Although some bosses are more than happy to leave their injured staff to their own devices, many employees may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits under South Carolina law. Here’s why talking to an experienced personal injury lawyer might help victims protect their rights.

South Carolina Workers’ Comp Basics

In South Carolina, the vast majority of companies that employ more than three workers are legally required to maintain valid workers’ compensation insurance. Exemptions may include individuals who work in industries like farming or rail freight.

If someone gets hurt on the job, they could receive compensation for a range of related expenses, including

  • Essential medical care,
  • Permanent disabilities,
  • Vocational rehabilitation, and
  • Lost wages they incurred while unable to work.

Why Should Victims Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Although the workers’ compensation program is designed to provide a safety net for a wide range of accident sufferers, it’s not comprehensive. For instance, an injury may be unfit for compensation if it caused an employee to suffer a heart attack or stroke without also resulting in physical harm. Many mental health issues are also ineligible.


Working with a Charleston personal injury lawyer could help victims determine whether they have valid claims. Since people might face tough denials, appeals processes or court battles, consulting with a personal injury lawyer as early as possible is a good way to save time and money.


An effective personal injury lawyer can also help a victim prepare a more successful argument. By ensuring that claimants have all of the right paperwork and evidence needed by the Workers’ Compensation Commission, legal professionals increase their chances of winning their petitions and cases.


How can a Charleston personal injury lawyer improve your odds of workers’ comp success? Talk to a compassionate specialist at the Clekis Law Firm to find out.