Summer Boating Safety Tips | Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Attorney | There is a lot more involved in safe boating than simply making sure your boat won’t sink and climbing behind the throttle. Although California does not require prospective boaters to take any classes or have a license, some boaters still need an operator’s card in certain situations. This is changing however, and during the period 2018-2025, boaters will begin needing an official Vessel Operator’s Card.

Things You Can Do To Be Safe

Ensure your boat is seaworthy. Check it for leaks or other structural deficiencies. If it’s a sailboat, check the masts, stays, davits and other rigging. If it’s a power boat, make sure the engine is in working order. Always be sure to have enough fuel too. Keep a two-way radio in your boat with which you can contact authorities for assistance, should the need arise, and take extra batteries along. Bring one life jacket for each person aboard.

While underway, observe all posted limits, wake restrictions and other notices. Even if you’re out on the ocean or away from the dock on an inland waterway, you can still navigate defensively. Always be aware of your surroundings, including other boats, and never ignore the weather. Heed weather advisories. If you’re out boating and a weather advisory comes up, contact the appropriate authorities and inform them that you’re already underway back to safe harbor.

If Something Goes Awry

Even with the best preparations and intentions, accidents and injuries occur. There are special considerations regarding boating, such as the fact that you can become injured through someone’s neglect even if all that happens is that you run over a large wake.

It’s always wise to protect your rights by consulting a personal injury attorney. At Clekis Law Firm, we’ll advise you on the special considerations regarding boating accidents.

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