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Accident Lawyer | How to Select the Best Costume for Halloween

Your costume this Halloween season should be exciting! Sometimes the most exciting costumes can be the most dangerous. As an accident lawyer, Clekis wants you to be safe this halloween holiday. Use the steps below to choose a great and safe costume. If you have an accident this halloween, call your Charleston accident lawyer at Clekis Law Firm.

  1. Choose a costume that fits

    You don’t like to wear ill-fitting clothes on any other day of the year, so why encourage your child to do it on Halloween? Clothing that doesn’t fit well makes it difficult to walk and move. And those are two things kids do a lot of while gathering their Halloween loot.

  2. Beware of tripping and snagging hazards

    That super-long gown may be adorable, but it can also cause a fall. One sure way to hit the ground hard is to get your feet caught up unexpectedly. Keep costume lengths short enough to not impede the feet. Likewise, keep sleeve lengths, cape lengths, and any other piece of clothing short enough for unhampered mobility.

  3. Wear comfortable shoes

    Children who clomp around for hours in shoes designed for a costume are likely to end up miserable before the evening is over and perhaps spend days or weeks healing from the damage to their feet. One thing you don’t want to collect on Halloween is blisters.

    Don’t worry about being “authentic.” Worry about comfort and safety. Typically, that means your child will wear shoes already known to fit and provide good support and traction when hiking around the neighborhood.

  4. Ditch the mask

    That creepy mask may look cool, but most masks severely limit sight, breathing, and hearing. Your child will want to be hyper-alert on the street, not impaired. Not seeing or hearing a car has been the cause of many pedestrian accidents.

    A Batman-type mask might work, or you can use makeup on the face and choose a properly-fitting hat to add to the persona. Chuck the mask, though. It can be a major safety hazard.

  5. Get the good stuff

    Have you ever tried makeup that gave you a rash or made your eyes puff up? Even name brand products can initiate a reaction, but the cheap stuff packaged especially for Halloween is especially suspicious. You have little assurance the ingredients aren’t toxic.

    The risk isn’t worth saving a few dollars. For best results, choose makeup in advance and try a little on your child’s skin to test for an allergic response. Nobody wants to spend Halloween looking like a monster for real due to a major skin problem. By the way… those amazingly scary or cute decorative contact lens kits (no prescription needed). Don’t do it. Your child’s eyes are way too precious to risk infection or serious injury.

  6. Don’t use real weapons

    If the costume calls for a sword or staff, that’s fine. Just don’t send Johnny out with a real sword or a wooden staff. All props should be short enough to control at all times and soft enough to do no damage.

    Using Uncle Harry’s military sword would certainly add an air of authenticity to the costume. But it could also add an awful spurting of real blood to the night. Don’t do it, even if Johnny pleads and cries.

  7. Be careful about materials

    Picture this: Mr. Jones loves Halloween. He decorates the steps with pumpkins he’s carved, all aglow with candles. There’s a line of kids at the door and one of the pumpkins gets kicked over. Little Alice is standing there with here lovely princess dress trailing behind her. The candle sets fire to the dress, and Alice’s mother freaks out, burning her hands badly as she tries to rip the flaming costume from her daughter’s body.

    These things actually happen. Not only should you choose costumes that don’t drag on the ground, be sure the label says the material is flame resistant.

  8. Keep the costume bright

    The more visible the kid, the less the chance of getting struck by a car or lost in the night. Even if the chosen persona calls for dark and dreary colors, you can wrap a strip of reflective tape around each arm and leg to ensure visibility. Each trick-or-treater should also carry a personal flashlight (with good batteries). Glow sticks can be fun too.

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As accident lawyer professionals we strive to educate our clients on risks. Halloween is a fun and eventful holiday where you can choose who (or what) you want to be for a day! Our accident lawyer in Charleston is ready to assist you should an accident happen during your Halloween festivities. Clekis Cares. Call to schedule your free consultation with an accident lawyer today. Clekis Law Firm wishes you a happy and safe Halloween!