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Workers Compensation Attorney James Island | Subtle Signs of Injury Should Not Be Ignored

Workers Compensation Attorney James Island | As we age, aches and pains seem to pop up out of nowhere. It’s not uncommon to wake up in the morning with one part of your body or another feeling sore for no particular reason. While that’s typical, you shouldn’t ignore signs of injury that seem to persist. Even if they aren’t serious just yet, they could be pointing to a repetitive stress injury. If that injury came from your job, a workers compensation attorney in James Island will be happy to help you assess your case. 

Repetition Can Lead to Serious Injury

You probably don’t feel like you are hurting yourself while sitting at your desk typing away or steering your mouse. And, most likely, you won’t be hurt in the short term. However, it’s possible that this small, repetitive movements could lead to serious injury in the long run. If you have been working at the same job for many years, and making the same movements over and over again, an injury would not be a surprising outcome. Rather than ignoring the pain, talk to a workers compensation attorney away. 

Don’t Shoulder the Burden

If you wind up with a repetitive stress injury, don’t make the mistake of thinking you need to deal with this all on your own. Your employer may have responsibility here, and talking with a workers compensation attorney in James Island is the first step toward pursuing a case. Rather than waiting around and hoping your injury doesn’t keep getting worse, act right away and protect your best interests. 

Not all injuries are the result of dramatic events that send you immediately to the hospital. If you are suffering from a repetitive-stress, long-term injury that you believe has been caused by your work, get in touch with Clekis Law today for a free consultation. Thanks for your time!