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Tips to prevent holiday drunk driving.

holiday drunk driving

It isn’t necessary to forego holiday celebrations altogether in order to be safe, but as the National Safety Commission slogan so aptly states: “Safety is No Accident”. Safety requires thinking ahead and devising a responsible plan. If plans include a party where alcohol is being served there are a few responsible steps to be taken.

  • Choose someone in your group to be the designated driver. This person should not consume any alcohol.
  • Bring money for a cab. Spending the few extra dollars to have a cab take you home is worth the cost of protecting yourself and others from harm.
  • Follow the one drink-one hour-with food rule. Keeping in mind the body’s need to metabolize alcohol and the fact that food will slow alcohol’s entry into the bloodstream, a responsible person will limit themselves to one drink per hour while eating food. Even then it is important to have a non-drinker who is willing to drive after the party.
  • The host/hostess may want to refrain from partaking themselves in order to be available to drive others home. Remember that the host can be held responsible for any accidents which may occur if a person left their home in any way impaired by alcohol.

Don’t let the temptation to drink and drive spoil the holiday. Even a small buzz is considered impairment. Furthermore, if you are involved in a collision which was not your fault but the police officer suspects that you have been drinking, he will work on the presumption that you were contributory to the accident.

You could be charged with a DUI and if that happens, the insurance company will not contribute a single dime toward repairs. There is simply no positive spin to be put on drinking and driving any time, but least of all during this season of love and good will toward others.