7 Tips to Drive Safer at Night

Statistics show that the average human will spend over 75 years of their life, driving. Now since most of our daily driving (75%) happens during the daylight hours, over 50% of auto related deaths happen at night. These 7 tips will help…
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5 Dangerous Things You Do On Roadtrips

Dangerous Road Trip Habits You Didn't Know You Did As you make your road trips this holiday season, keep a few things in mind. Sometimes, we put ourselves in danger without even realizing it. We put together a short list of 6 dangerous things…
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Battle of The Ages; Young Drivers Vs. Old Drivers

Your family is together at a birthday party when you realize that you don't have any candles for the cake. You say you'll go get some, and your Grandpa says he could use some fresh air and offers to take you to the store. Then your cousin…
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Hands Free does not mean Risk Free

          Provided by The National Safety Council​
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Powerful Movie by Werner Herzog shows dangers of distracted driving.

This is a powerful short film that bring the dangers of distracted driving to a new light.
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Police Officer goes undercover as Donald Duck to catch speeders.

Would've you stopped for him?  See video here  FORT LEE (WABC) -- It's not every day you see a duck walking the crosswalk, but that's what several drivers in Fort Lee saw last Friday. It was all part of a decoy program to catch drivers…
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Hands Free Calling Still Distracting

If you think making hands-free phone calls while driving makes you safer, think again. A new study released Tuesday found that while most people believe hands-free systems are safe to use while driving, they may actually be extremely distracting. The…
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Apps That Block Texting While Driving

Whether you’re the parent of a teen with a new driver’s license or you’re simply trying to resist the urge to answer text messages while driving yourself, there are many ways you can help keep everyone safe. Educate yourself on the issue…
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The 4 Signs That You Are An Aggressive Driver

The 4 Signs That You’re an Aggressive Driver How to Tell When Your Driving Endangers Others Picture this: you’re running slightly behind on your morning commute and some sluggish driver keeps you from making the light, thereby solidifying…
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Tips on how to prevent texting while driving.

    Texting and driving is a dangerous habit that effects not only adults, but young drivers as well. Below these stats there is a link for some helpful links to make breaking this habit a littler easier. Key Facts and Statistics The…