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Personal Injury Lawyers, Sailing and TBI

Due to Charleston’s location on the Atlantic Ocean, sailing is a popular hobby in the area. It’s important for boaters to be aware of the risk of injury sailing can pose.

One of the most common types of injuries reported in sailing are traumatic brain injuries. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be the result of a boater coming into contact with the vessel or it’s parts. The boom of a vessel may pose a particular risk because of how heavy and hard the aluminum part can be, coupled with the fact the part moves across the vessel at almost eye level.

An article from Scuttlebutt Sailing News points out several ways you can reduce your chances of suffering a TBI. One is to install taller and lighter booms on your vessel. This can reduce the chances of contact with the part and lower the likelihood of injury in the event an accident occurs. Wearing a helmet can also significantly reduce your chances of suffering a TBI while sailing.

The article goes on to explain that these changes were adopted at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) sailing events and have been effective in reducing the program’s injury rates.

As boaters ourselves, promoting boating safety is important to our personal injury lawyers at The Clekis Law Firm and we are hopeful that these tips can help you and your loved ones stay accident-free while on the water.

We’re Paid Only If You Collect

Our Policy: If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a boating accident, we would like to help you. You can see us for free. In fact, we’re paid our fee and we recover expenses only if we collect money for you on your claim. Fees will be calculated before deducting the expenses advanced on behalf of the client.
For a free confidential consultation and information on how a personal injury lawyer at the Clekis Law Firm can put over 40 years of combined experience to work for you, please contact us.

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