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The workers comp lawyers at Clekis Law Firm realize that construction is dangerous work and even in the best situations accidents happen. If proper safety procedures are not followed, workers may suffer from catestrophic injuries. If you are the victim of a catestrophic injury, it can keep you from earning a living and supporting your family. Even after you have recovered, your injuries may keep you from performing everyday tasks, both in your job and in your life. After such an injury, it is important that you have an attorney that is experienced in workers comp law and is not afraid to take on those responsible for your injuries. An experienced workers comp lawyer can help you recover maximum compensation. The Clekis Law Firm represents injured construction workers and others who have suffered disabling injuries in the workplace.

Workers’ compensation is usually available for people who have been injured in construction accidents. However, workers’ compensation only covers your medical expenses and a portion of your lost income. If your employer was solely responsible for your injuries, you are probably limited to workers’ compensation. However, if someone other than your employer was responsible, you may be able to file a third-party claim. For example, if a subcontractor, a vendor or a defective product was responsible for your injuries, you can file a claim for all of your damages. The workers comp lawyers at Clekis Law Firm represent clients in both workers’ compensation and third-party claims. Our Charleston based workers comp lawyers are devoted to protecting the rights of construction workers. If you work or have worked in construction and were injured on the job give us a call. There is no fee for the consulatation and we only get paid if you collect.