Personal Injury Lawyer | Winterize Your Boat Engine

Personal Injury Lawyer | What about the engine? Engine manufacturers all have their own specific instructions about winterizing and you should consult your owner’s manual. Some of the basics are:

  • Drain all raw-water systems.
  • Check the antifreeze in an enclosed cooling system and top it off.
  • Change the engine oil now, not at the beginning the season. You don’t want old oil, full of acids, eating away at your engine’s insides all winter.
  • Grease everything that can be greased.
  • Use fogging oil to spray into the air intake manifold so that it coats the piston heads and cylinder walls. (turning the engine over without starting it will make sure you get good coverage)
  • Check sacrificial zincs and replace them.
  • Plug all openings into the engine from the air intakes, exhaust system, breathers, and any other areas which could provide access to debris such as dust, insects and even small varmints. Don’t forget to post a warning at the ignition switch to remind you not to start the engine without removing the obstructions.

Take the batteries home with you and place on a non-conductive stand (two concrete blocks with a 2 X 6 bridge make a good stand) and provide a trickle charge to keep them “alive” over the winter. Don’t forget to check the battery water every couple of weeks during the winter.

Make a list of maintenance items which you can do over the winter. You know, those things that you should have done during the season but were too busy boating to take the time for.

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