Personal Injury Lawyer | Why You Need One

Personal Injury Lawyer | Here are five other benefits that enlisting a personal injury have for your case:

1. They understand the claims process and can value the worthiness of your claim.

To help this process along, gather all of the materials related to your medical treatment and all of the other expenses that resulted in the aftermath of the accident. Your attorney, who is experienced with personal injury, understands all of the various intricacies related to how insurance companies work and uses that knowledge to leverage a better settlement.

2. No fees charged up-front.

Most personal injury lawyers do not charge clients unless they win the case or obtain a settlement. There is simply no risk involved; the only risk you take is not hiring an attorney, leaving you with a settlement that is dissatisfying in the end.

3. They wade through the complex legal jargon.

Legal documents can often be difficult to decipher, but lawyers are trained and seasoned in this type of legal language. A lawyer also helps your case through all of the red tape and the never-ending paperwork that comes along with it.

4. Can resolve your case through mediation or take it all the way to trial.

Depending on the individual circumstances, an attorney can work on resolving your case during mediation or bring your case to trial in a lawsuit if you and the other side cannot come to a compromise. An attorney with trial experience knows how to fight aggressively to pursue justice in the courtroom.

5. An attorney fights for the best possible settlement.

Insurance companies tend to offer a “low-ball” settlement as their first offer. This is done mainly as attempt to close out the case quickly, but also protect themselves from paying out too much. While it may be tempting to take this offer at first glance, we do not recommend this. You should discuss your options with your attorney to decide on what the best possible settlement should be. If you take that first offer, you will not be able to obtain any further compensation for the same case again.

Since 1989, the personal injury lawyers of Clekis Law Firm have been representing injured people and their families in Charleston and throughout the Low Country. At the Clekis Law Firm our clients always come first. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious personal injury due to the negligence of another, don’t be victimized twice. You need someone on your side to help you with your personal injury case and obtain the fair and reasonable compensation that you deserve. Call Clekis at 843.779.1160!

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