Personal Injury Lawyer |  Train Your Dog Not to Bite

Personal Injury Lawyer | Dog bites are a common occurrence, and preventing this issue is often a matter of properly training an animal. Pet owners can be held liable for dog bites. Understanding how to train a dog not to bite is the best way to avoid indirectly causing harm to another person and having to meet with personal injury lawyers.

Training a Dog Not to Bite

These steps allow dog owners to gain better control of their pets when dogs come into contact with people.

• If possible, teach dogs not to bite when they are puppies. Dogs typically learn boundaries when it comes to biting when they are playing with other dogs early on in their lives. Cries and yelps indicate that a dog has bitten too hard, and this feedback lets them know that they need to be gentler. Owners can help to set boundaries with their dogs by making loud yelping noises when their dogs mouth their hands.

• Ensure that dogs are not in pain or distress when coming into contact with people. Friendly dogs may become aggressive when they are fearful or feel pain, and the only way to prevent biting in this instance is to remove the dog from the situation.

• Avoid playing games that encourage aggressive behavior. Tug of war is a popular game for dog owners to play with their pets, but this game is focused on allowing either an owner or a dog to exert dominance.

• Teach dogs basic commands as soon as possible after they join the family. Commands including “sit” and “stay” help to keep dogs under control when they are coming into contact with unfamiliar people.

• Ask unfamiliar people not to pet or prod a dog. Friendly dogs may become aggressive when they come into contact with strangers.

Get Help From a Personal Injury Lawyer

Anyone who has been bitten by a dog belonging to another person should contact personal injury lawyers for help. The legal professionals at Clekis Law Firm are ready to stand by your side.