Personal Injury Lawyer | Questions To Ask

Personal Injury Lawyer | Questions To Ask

Personal Injury Lawyer | What Questions Should I Ask a Potential Personal Injury Lawyer About a Wrongful Death Case?

If your loved one died and someone caused their death through negligent actions, you may have a wrongful death case. This type of case can reimburse you for the loss of your loved one. In such a situation, you may have many questions you want to ask a personal injury lawyer who can help you with this case. Here are a few questions you may have.

Who Can Be Held Accountable for the Death
As a person that lost a loved one in an accident, it is not an easy process. You will have many questions and concerns. The negligent person is the one that could potentially be held liable for the death of your loved one. However, this is based on a variety of circumstances and depending on the circumstances, and in some instances, there may be more than one person who can be held accountable. Personal injury lawyers can help you figure out who can be held at fault.

What the Statute of Limitations is for the Case
The statue of limitations vary on a state by state basis. For example, in California the statue of limitations is two years to bring forth a suit for wrongful death. When you are ready to file a case against somebody, or a corporation, make sure you allow enough time to find a personal injury lawyer. You may have to meet with several different personal injury lawyers until you find the one that you feel comfortable with and will be able to file the case within the allotted statue.

How Much You Can Recoup for the Death
So many factors are taken into consideration when determining the monetary compensation that someone may be awarded. Some of the factors are loss of affection, the loss of that income, how many children your loved one left behind and the severity of the death. If the other party or parties were found to be negligent because they were drinking, had narcotics in their system, or even prescription pain killers, it can all factor into the settlement. If the case is not settled by the attorneys or insurance companies for all parties involved, then your personal injury lawyer may request a trial by jury and this may award you a higher amount because it is based on the testimony and what the jurors feel is reasonable. Every case is different when you are trying to determine a fair resolution to the situation.

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