Personal Injury Lawyer | Lawsuit Need to Know

Personal Injury Lawyer | Lawsuit Need to Know

Personal Injury Lawyer | Notifying Person/Persons Lawsuit is Against

If you are planning on filling a lawsuit against a person, a government or a government department, there is no set limit within which you should notify the person of your intention to file a lawsuit. But this does not mean you should take your time with the matter. By acting first, you will most likely boost your chances of resolving your claim quicker than if you delay. Note that notifying a person of your intention to file a lawsuit does not mean you have to file a lawsuit. By notifying them, you only preserve your rights and keep the other person from defending his or herself by arguing that you waited for so long to let them know of your injuries. Notifying them, simply allows you the pleasure of proceeding with negotiations regarding arbitration and settlement at your own speed.

Time Frame to Commence Lawsuit

Settling a personal injury claim is time-consuming, and if you fail to act first and file your claim in time, you may fall completely out of favor in collecting compensation. There are laws on a book called “statutes of limitations” that outlines the timeframes within which you are required to commence various types of lawsuits. If you relax and let this time lapse, there is nothing our personal injury attorney can do to help you recoup compensation. The secret is to check with your state’s Statute of limitations for your particular type of claim to ensure time does not lock you out.

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