Personal Injury Lawyers: Is It Head Injury or Head Trauma?

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New Medical Advances May Lead to More Effective Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injuries

Personal injury lawyer see all too often, individuals who sustain bumps on the head walk away, unaware that they need medical treatment to prevent significant future symptoms. Whether a head injury occurs on a sports field, in an auto collision, or in another type of accident, head injury victims need to seek immediate medical attention.

Unfortunately, the methods for identifying brain injuries and determining their severity have not changed in decades. However, in January, 2014, the National Football League and General Electric announced 16 first-round winners of their Head Health Challenge  designed to advance research that may finally address the issues of diagnosing and treating concussions. After years of outdated, expensive and often-ineffective means for diagnosing injuries, each winner earned a $300,000 award to continue research into areas such as the following:

Head Injury Research

  • Finding a means to perform more thorough testing at the accident site to determine the severity of an injury and better determine the next steps in treatment
  • Accurately detecting traumatic injury based on specific molecular markers of brain injury in the blood
  • Pinpointing the effects of a given concussion injury on the communication pathways between one area of the brain and another
  • Developing a mobile app that helps anyone from trainers to parents detect concussions from speech acoustics that do not require medical equipment
  • Creating imaging methods designed to predict the risk of secondary injury after a concussion to better identify appropriate treatment and identify when it is safe to return to normal activities

Head injuries can have long-lasting effects on the quality of future life and can require extensive expenses for treatment and therapy. It is essential to talk with an experienced personal injury attorney with the resources and experience needed to assess your legal rights and accurately predict your future costs in these complex legal cases.

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