Personal Injury Lawyer | Great Lawyer Traits

Personal Injury Lawyer | Key traits of a great personal injury lawyer are:


The trait that defines a great personal injury lawyer is compassion. Great lawyers care about their clients. They understand the pain and suffering that their clients endure. Because they empathize with injury victims, they are able to communicate that suffering to juries and to insurance adjusters.


Clients refer friends to great personal injury attorneys not only because those lawyers achieve excellent results, but because they treat clients with dignity and respect. Great lawyers view their clients as people, not as sources of fees. Outstanding personal injury lawyers care about achieving justice for injury victims more than they care about money. They want clients to receive fair compensation so that clients can rebuild their lives, get the medical care they need, and overcome their injuries to the greatest possible degree.


Great lawyers talk to their clients. The number one complaint about lawyers is that they ignore their clients. They fail to return telephone calls. They never answer emails. It takes weeks to get an answer to a simple question. The lawyer might be doing a good job for his or her clients but the clients are frustrated because they do not know what is happening with their cases.


Great personal injury lawyers keep their clients fully informed. They send copies of every letter they write on the client’s behalf. They give clients regular progress reports. They return telephone calls and respond to emails promptly. If they are busy with a trial, they make sure that a paralegal or secretary gets back to the client and relays an answer or tells the client when the attorney will be available. Clients know that great lawyers are working hard on their behalf because great lawyers communicate with their clients.

Since 1989, the personal injury lawyers of Clekis Law Firm have been representing injured people and their families in Charleston and throughout the Low Country. At the Clekis Law Firm our clients always come first. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious personal injury due to the negligence of another, don’t be victimized twice. You need someone on your side to help you with your personal injury case and obtain the fair and reasonable compensation that you deserve. Call Clekis at 843.779.1160!

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