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Personal Injury Lawyer | Check out the differences between good and GREAT personal injury lawyers before making your pick!

Willingness to Take Risks

Good personal injury lawyers are always willing to take cases when a negligent party is obviously at fault and significant injuries are clear. They may be less willing to help a severely injured person when there is doubt about the ability to establish that another person’s negligence caused the injuries.

Even great lawyers turn down cases when the facts or the law are not on the side of the injury victim. But when a great lawyer believes that an injury victim was seriously harmed because another person or corporation behaved carelessly, that lawyer will work hard to obtain the compensation that the client deserves. When other lawyers say no because they think it will be too difficult to win the case, a great lawyer will say yes. Great lawyers take risks by investing time in cases they might not win if they believe that the case cries out for justice.


A great personal injury lawyer is never afraid to take a case to trial. That does not mean that great lawyers never advise clients to settle. A fair settlement is usually preferable to leaving the fate of an injury victim in the hands of the strangers who sit on a jury. Great lawyers evaluate cases carefully. They know whether an insurance company’s final settlement offer should be accepted or rejected and they advise clients accordingly.

At the same time, a great personal injury lawyer is never afraid to try a case. Good lawyers might be comfortable taking strong cases to trial but worry that they might lose when liability is in doubt. Great lawyers understand that juries are unpredictable and that verdicts are not always favorable, but they are willing to take cases to trial when insurance companies refuse to make reasonable settlement offers. They never pressure clients to take an inadequate offer because they fear that losing a case will make them look bad.

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