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A personal injury lawyer for the Macomb Township man whose former girlfriend bit off a portion of his ear says he’s content a judge has ordered her to seek anger management counseling, but says she is now the target of a civil lawsuit.

Danielle Nebelung was ordered to undergo an anger management program as part of her probation when she was sentenced last week in Macomb County Circuit Court on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge.

“My client has suffered psychiatric problems because of what’s happened, he’s been diagnosed with major depression,” said Jonathan Marko. “I would love to get her as much help as we can.”

His client, Anthony Caruso, called police after Nebelung chewed off a portion of his ear during an early-morning altercation at his Macomb Township home in March 2014. She was charged with a felony count of assault with intent to maim and misdemeanor aggravated assault.

She was scheduled to have a retrial this week on the felony charge after a mistrial was declared in March when jurors became deadlocked and unable to reach a verdict.

Nebelung, a makeup artist, has since pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge in exchange for having the felony dismissed, according to court records.

Meanwhile, Caruso has filed a personal injury lawsuit against her and Waldenburg Bar, alleging the bar overserved alcohol to Nebelung, which led to her rage and the bite. He is seeking compensation for medical bills and the pain he endured.

But Nebelung has skipped out on depositions and refused to answer court documents, Marko said. He has filed a motion asking the judge to hold her in contempt of court.

“To me, this shows her attitude that precipitated the whole episode because she thinks she’s above the law,” Marko said. “Now she has to explain to a judge why she didn’t call to cancel or give a good reason for not showing up.”

Court records indicate Nebelung does not have an attorney retained in the civil case.

A case evaluation hearing is scheduled for July 13.

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